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Jan 18, 2017, Wednesday, January 18, 2017
What Light by Jay Asher -0 comment(s)


I´ve never had a real Christmas tree. I always thought having a real one=murdering a tree. However this book made me look at it in a different way. Sierra’s parents own a Christmas tree farm in Oregon and every year they go to California to sell them in their lot. And there´s so much I learned about tree farming I feel almost like an expert (ok, maybe not, but I think I could now talk about it and impress people muahaha). It was so interesting and the way Sierra was so caring about trees and how special they were in her life, was so cute.

#ParentsGoals. First let’s appreciate the fact that this YA book has parents that are actually in their kid’s life. And that they are real characters. Seriously, Sierra´s parents are the most understanding parents ever. They trust her (say what?), I mean, sure they don’t always agree with her, but they deal it with her by actually talking. No big and unnecessary dramas. Their relationship is so good that is too good. Are you telling me this type of perfect relationship exists in real life and not only in my mind?

It totally puts you in Christmas spirit with an original story. Sierra’s Christmas is different from others and it was nice to see her traditions in their tree lot and the scene where she and Caleb go to the church was so nice.
I feel so contradicted with them. It’s so weird because I like them but there are also so many parts that I don’t that I just don’t know how to feel about them.

  • I’m gonna start with her friend Heather. At first I didn’t like her very much I was like are you pushing your friend to have a Christmas affair so you don’t get bored with your boyfriend? But when we learn more about her and what is really going on I realized that yes she was being selfish but she did care about Sierra and was actually a good friend. And her story was interesting so yeah, I ended up liking her.
  • Sierra: I like that she very mature and smart. Like sometimes you feel like slapping YA characters but no with Sierra. I’m so happy we get this kind of main characters. She makes good choices and is sensitive and caring. Although sometimes I felt like she was too perfect. A part of me likes it but the other feels like she doesn’t have too much character development.
  • Caleb: He is the one that makes me feel more torn about. I mean he delivers free trees for people that he pays with his own tips, can he being more adorable? And he and Sierra are perfect for each other. But his past is not a small thing to look upon. Sierra was the most understandable human being with his situation but the other’s people reaction made sense. I would be wary too. He would never hurt his sister and yes he was dealing with all his family problems and it was just too much for him. But taking a knife and smashing his sister´s door with it? That´s scary as hell. Sierra only understand it until she saw the door but after that she doesn’t think about it much. I think such a serious topic could have been more reflected upon but instead Sierra barely blinked when he told her, just no.
I enjoyed reading this book a lot. The ending is open but is also good as a standalone. Not everything gets magically solved but I think the ending fits the story (although I would have liked a prologue so it felt more complete but oh well!)

As I said, I have mixed feelings with the characters and the way they deal with things with such lightness despite the seriousness of the circumstances. I think it could have gone further but since is a Christmas story the author decided to keep it simple and cheerful… to the point some things feel too perfect.

Overall, is what I was expecting, a sweet romance with Christmas trees, and cookies and perpemint mocha...is like you can almost smell them with this book.