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Apr 10, 2017, Monday, April 10, 2017
Algo parecido al verdadero amor by Cristina Petit -0 comment(s)

This book was a delicious to read. I the kind of book that leaves you with a smile for how sweet it is. 

Clementine moves to a dreamy new apartment in Paris that has inherited by chance. Now that she doesn't needs to worry about rent (lucky her), she can make true a dream she has have in mind: Reading to kids with problems. She is convinced that books can help them in a sort of bookterapy and as her apartment has an spectacular library (any book lover wished to have, as I said she is very lucky) now she can receive them. The story isn't really spectacular, but is very nice. The way it is told is just beautiful, pure poetry. Inside Clementine's story we have fragments of another story about a writer who has found a girl who he has fallen in love at first sight and if both stories are connected is a mistery ¬°Basically a book around books, how beautiful!

  • It leaves you with a nice feeling after reading it
  • It's all about BOOKS. 
  • Is an ideal world (friendly neighbors, perfect and free apartment, movie-like love and have I mentioned books yet?) 
  • You end falling inlove with the secondary characters. They are so real because of the way they interact in the story.
  • I love the idea of the telephone. I could not stop reading when that plot started. I wish there had been more of it.
  • The way of seeing life that the writer puts in the book 

  • The plot itself is very small
  • As I said thesecondary characters are great but each of them have their own backstory super long. It was like can we please stop with every detail of the secondary character's life so we can actually have some of the I don't know protagonist's? It slows the rythm sooo muuuch, specially at the beginning I felt that it didn't actually started since there were only paragraphs and paragraphs about the secondary characters. And all those backstories are told by the narrator, when I think it would have been better to meet the in a organic way, through conversations between the characters (or the whole show don't tell rule).
  • The protagonist's backstory, instead, wasn't as developed as with the other characters. Besides that, Clementine as character doesn't really have an arc. And that's because she is pretty much perfect. Even in the chapter were she is a kid she is alreadly that perfect, to the point she doesn't seems a kid. She just speaks/acts like a grown up. It was a dissapointment since the story has so many kids and they are all well developed but Clementine is miss perfect since a little girl. I would have like to seeing her struggling after losing her brother at a young age.
It's a nice story to read, yes it's a beautiful fantasy (I know it, you know it, so much perfection can't be real), but a a book about books is always a real plesure to read.