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Jul 23, 2013, 7:30 PM
Coffee House Angel -0 comment(s)

Author: Suzanne Selfors

The story is really cute, simple, nice and is very well made. There aren't any loose points and has a good rhythm. Despite the fact that it has the classical theme of the angel that falls inlove with a human girl it's still interesting and unique. It is the setting of a town with a Scandinavian past, the coffee shop, and the problems that our main character, Katrina faces, what makes this story different from others.

We have a Katrina who is an orphan girl that, unlike her friends, has no clue what she is gonna do with her life even though she does have tried a lot of things. All she has is her job at her grandma coffee shop, which is going trough hard times because of the new and cool organic coffee shop at the next door. Still, Katrina doesn't give up. She is also a good girl in the sense that she cares about other people which is why she gets involved into this whole angel situation. She is the kind of character that goes against the damsel in distress, she just takes control and even go to save others. Like every teenager she is not perfect but she really tries hard and trough the story she grows up and learns a lot.

Katrina has two good friends, Vincent and Elizabeth. He is in the swimming team and she takes art classes. I liked their personalities they are awesome in their particular way, they are both different and two dimensional. They have been friends since kids and you can see it in the story. The other secundary characters are also good, they have their purpose in the story which I liked because it makes it more complete.

The love 
Ok, so there is the angel who is of course an amazing guy because he is an angel. We don't know much about him but the fact that he is a messenger angel and that his last job was in Ireland. They dont really get a lot of time together because of all the other things they have to do, so their love goes slow and then it kind of rushes at the end a bit. Still, it has sweet moments. I liked that it shows the kind of love in which people gives everything for the other.

I recommend this story to the ones that are searching for a sweet love story, specially if you like angels and coffee :)